Heated Travel Blanket – Bringing the Comforts of an Electric Blanket on the Road

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A heated travel blanket is a low voltage 12 volt travel blanket that you can keep in an easily accessible place. These portable heated blankets are a simple way to create the cozy comfort of home while traveling in a car or sleeping in a tent. Being cold is one of the guaranteed ways to spoil a trip, whether the person feeling cold is yourself your partner or child.

The heated electric travel blanket will provide you with a luxurious blanket and gentle heat wherever you have a 12 volt plug, such as in cars, boats or RVs. Great for cold morning starts or long hauls, the heated blanket will provide warmth, whether it’s plugged into its own rechargeable power supply or not.

Keeping one or more as part of your emergency kit in your car is also great for whenever you might need a rug for an impromptu picnic, concert or as a stadium rug.

This blanket is a must have for car travel, especially if you live in an area that gets very cold in the winter or at night. They can be a life saver when the kids need to sleep during a trip on the back seat. A heated travel blanket can be used just like an ordinary travel blanket, but when more heat is required it will heat fully in about 10 minutes. Heated travel blankets are designed so the warmth is distributed evenly so there no uncomfortable ‘cold spots’, they also generally are made of 2 layers which helps to capture and hold your body heat.

Men and women have been arguing for years about the air conditioning in hotel rooms, car, etc. A lot of women often feel a lot colder than man, so if you like to travel, buy one for yourself or for the lady in your life. With the heated travel blanket she can wrap herself up in the blanket, plug it and be warm while her husband has the temperature set at whatever is comfortable for him, a great win-win situation. Of cause this could also apply in the reverse =)

As with most travel blankets, electric travel blankets need to be chosen to fit your needs:

Size is a factor as always, usually a larger one will fit more needs, but if you know you will only be using it for say your dogs on the back seat, a smaller one might be a better choice.
Cord length may be a factor. Make sure the cord is long enough to be used from the nearest 12 volt lighter outlet. This is unlikely to be much of a problem, as most cars have a 12V lighter outlet in the back and most of the blankets come with 6 foot or longer power cord which should generally long enough to use the blanket in the back seat.
An optional feature that might be worth looking into is a safety timer with an auto shut-off, reset button.
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