Travel Pillow and Blanket Sets Are So Practical and They Look Chic Too!

Many of the travel pillow and blanket sets available now are so comfortable and beautifully made they have become chic to have, just the thing to take of the stress on your next flight.

We all know flying is stressful; I don’t have to tell you that! You just have to recall the last time you traveled, remember those long security checks, the crying babies, some obnoxious passenger or the rude flight attendant, it’s enough to make you shudder. And when we get into the plane we are confronted with a drafty cabin.

Now you might ask the flight attendant for an airplane blanket, only to discover you have to pay for the “privilege”. Hey its chilly you may think and you have to get to your destination well rested. But wait a minute where has the blanket been before it got to you, and did the airline have it cleaned before it came to you. Well most of the time not, some blankets sent for testing have been discovered to have everything from mucus, teardrops, and lipstick to bodily fluids that I will allow you to imagine on your own. Given this would you really like to use the airline blanket offered anyway? I guess not!

Having your own travel blanket that you look after yourself will free you from relying on the airline to take care of providing with you a clean blanket. You can then be secure that the blanket you use meets your standards. As an added advantage you can choose the color, texture and size that would best ensure you the comfort you need from all the crazy stress that flying brings.

If you have decided you need to get your own travel blanket, then for not much more you could get yourself a blanket and get a travel pillow too. The whole ensemble usually comes in a stylish bag, and to make this option even better most of the travel pillow and blanket sets come with other accessories such as an eye-mask, neck pillow, a pair of socks and/or earphones. They also come in affordable micro-fleece as well as luxurious fabrics such as silk, cashmere; and the choice of color is very fashionable. Its great knowing you can be practical and stylish too!

Also if you are wondering what to get someone on your list that travels a lot and seems to have everything? Well if he/she does not yet have a travel pillow and blanket set, this would be much appreciated gift.

Anna Siam loves to travel to different counties despite the not so wonderful fligh

Heated Travel Blanket – Bringing the Comforts of an Electric Blanket on the Road

A heated travel blanket is a low voltage 12 volt travel blanket that you can keep in an easily accessible place. These portable heated blankets are a simple way to create the cozy comfort of home while traveling in a car or sleeping in a tent. Being cold is one of the guaranteed ways to spoil a trip, whether the person feeling cold is yourself your partner or child.

The heated electric travel blanket will provide you with a luxurious blanket and gentle heat wherever you have a 12 volt plug, such as in cars, boats or RVs. Great for cold morning starts or long hauls, the heated blanket will provide warmth, whether it’s plugged into its own rechargeable power supply or not.

Keeping one or more as part of your emergency kit in your car is also great for whenever you might need a rug for an impromptu picnic, concert or as a stadium rug.

This blanket is a must have for car travel, especially if you live in an area that gets very cold in the winter or at night. They can be a life saver when the kids need to sleep during a trip on the back seat. A heated travel blanket can be used just like an ordinary travel blanket, but when more heat is required it will heat fully in about 10 minutes. Heated travel blankets are designed so the warmth is distributed evenly so there no uncomfortable ‘cold spots’, they also generally are made of 2 layers which helps to capture and hold your body heat.

Men and women have been arguing for years about the air conditioning in hotel rooms, car, etc. A lot of women often feel a lot colder than man, so if you like to travel, buy one for yourself or for the lady in your life. With the heated travel blanket she can wrap herself up in the blanket, plug it and be warm while her husband has the temperature set at whatever is comfortable for him, a great win-win situation. Of cause this could also apply in the reverse =)

As with most travel blankets, electric travel blankets need to be chosen to fit your needs:

Size is a factor as always, usually a larger one will fit more needs, but if you know you will only be using it for say your dogs on the back seat, a smaller one might be a better choice.
Cord length may be a factor. Make sure the cord is long enough to be used from the nearest 12 volt lighter outlet. This is unlikely to be much of a problem, as most cars have a 12V lighter outlet in the back and most of the blankets come with 6 foot or longer power cord which should generally long enough to use the blanket in the back seat.
An optional feature that might be worth looking into is a safety timer with an auto shut-off, reset button.
Anna Siam loves to travel to different counties despite the not so wonderful flights, she likes to share

Two Picks For Your Heated Travel Blanket Item

People tend to travel the most during the summer season. Some visit exquisite places in the built-up areas, where they could stay in tourist hotels. Others go to the wilderness, to the rocky, forested and mountainous regions without settlements. If you plan to visit these harsh areas for camping, picnics or hunting, you have to mind your health risks. Park the best tents, clothes and accessories. As you park your things, never forget a heated travel blanket. This amazing item has many uses. It is good for camping, road trips, cruise ship trips and so on. This is why it has to become part of your wardrobe. It is different from the usual blankets, shawls, knitted sweaters and so on.

You could use one heated blanket next to the skin and enjoy adequate warmth. This is unlike the usual jackets, sweaters and so on. The blanket for traveling normally features long cords with an LED indicator light to warn you when the unit is ready. You have different styles to select and buy. A few Amazon styles include the following:

The heated fleece travel electric blanket. This is a lovely red plaid blanket, which has very many uses. You could use this stylish blanket:

• When traveling to your doctor, to a scenic place, to the mall or grocery store and other picnic places during a cold day.

• You do not have to plug the blanket in the outlet to enjoy its power. Its two layers of very soft polyester fur traps heat and retain it. If you cannot stand the very cool air in your car, simply wrap your body with this blanket.

• If you require additional warmth, attach the adapter to a twelve-volt lighter outlet in the RV, boat, camper and car. Give the blanket only ten minutes to heat totally. The design of this blanket is in such a way that the heat distribution is even. Thus, you will not feel any cold parts when you wrap your body with this heated travel blanket

• Are you worried about your kids or a friend feeling the freezing cold? This blanket is 4’6 inches wide, explaining why you can share it.

• It comes with 6′ 3 inches power cord, which is long enough to allow you to use the blanket in the back seat. If your auto has the twelve volts lighter outlet in the back, you have an advantage.

This blanket is perfect when you want to take refuge from the freezing cold in the car, cruise ship and camping site and so on. Do you wish to travel with your pet as well? The Trillium heated blanket with a thermostat is simply the best. Measuring forty-two by fifty-eight inches, this blanket is wide enough for you and your pet. It has the outlined uses and features below:

• Perfect for use during the road trips, emergences and camping RV’s

• This electric heated blanket plugs into the auto’s cigarette lighter

• The blanket is made of total polyester fleece textile. It is of high quality and provides your skin with comfort and a soothing feeling.

• The system has a thirty to forty-five minute timer with an automatic turnoff

Travel Blanket – Why You Should Get Your Own

A travel blanket is a useful accessory to have when traveling. With the uncertainty of airline schedules, it is just the thing you need to give you some measure of comfort for a journey that may have become frustrating. Whether that is because of delays due to weather or any other unexpected discomfiture. Imagine having to camp in an airport terminal or some other temporary shelter without the comfort of a blanket and pillow. As I am sure you can imagine a blanket will make that sort of situation a whole lot more easy.

Even without the dire kinds of situations, stated above, flying can be daunting. Having a travel blanket is something you can have with you, in an easily accesible place to take out and cuddle and add a world of comfort to your flight, this especially so when you consider the drafty air cabins, crying babies, rude flight attendants, etc, that make it so hard to relax.

If you are thinking you will need to carry your favorite bulky blanket or wrap, think again. There are so many specially made travel blankets that are light weight and thin, yet still manage to be extra warm. So if you were worried that carrying on your favorite blanket would win you the unpopularity contest you can breath easy, all you have to do is get a specially made travel blanket.

There is a large variety of blankets made especially for the traveler on the market these days. They range in price from fairly cheap to pretty expensive. Fortunately for a modest price you can get one that is both luxuriant and not costly crafted from micro fleece and/or some of other similar material. But if you do like to keep to natural fibers, the most common ones are silk and/or cashmere as both these fibers help retain heat without requiring added bulk.

Once you get your Travel blanket you will no longer be at the mercy of the airlines providing you with their less than sanitary blankets. Also having your own travel blanket allows you to purchase a size that will actually cover most of your body. I have found the airline blankets too small for most adults, making you have to choose whether you should cover the lower of upper part of your body.

When you have your own blanket you can snuggle up and have your whole body covered in a warm cozy wrap.

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